Why you should regularly visit us


This month has been Smile Month and as it comes to a close we thought it might be worth looking at just why one of the messages the Oral Health Foundation is trying to get across in its annual campaign is to encourage regular visits to practices, at an interval recommended to you by your dentist.

There are many misconceptions surrounding how often people believe they need to visit their dentist for a Dental Health Examination, and this is because the frequency at which a person needs to see their dentist and/or hygienist is relevant to the individual. For example, a dentist may wish to see a patient again after three months if a problem or condition has been identified, whereas a patient with good oral health may not need another appointment for up to a year.

The main reason that dentists recommend regular dental health examinations is so that any dental issues or conditions that could conceivably arise are not left untreated and therefore allowed to cause significant harm to your oral health. As with many medical or health conditions, the earlier the point at which they are identified, the more efficiently and effectively they can be dealt with.

Your examination should involve:

  1. A discussion of any problems you may be having with your teeth, gums, or mouth.
  2. A discussion about your medical and lifestyle risks.
  3. A thorough examination of the teeth, gums, surrounding tissues and joints.
  4. A discussion of the health and stability of teeth and restorations.
  5. Advice on the condition of your gum health noting plaque levels, bleeding from gums and if further treatment is required.
  6. An all important mouth cancer screen.
  7. Routine radiographs to be taken every 2-3 years.
  8. A discussion of any treatment that may be needed and a full estimate of treatment costs.
  9. A clear recommendation on a recall period best suited to you. Which may be different for dentist and hygienist.

If you are overdue for a dental health examination or simply have some questions regarding our services, please contact us though the website page or call us on 01224 486817.