Initial Consultation/Dental Health Examination

The starting point of any journey through the practice begins with a thorough examination, whether you are a new or returning patient.

This entails a detailed examination of your teeth, gums (periodontal health) and all the surrounding structures. We would expect to discuss with you any issues you may have, such as the appearance of your teeth. We would also aim to identify any at risk areas of your oral health so we can empower you, through education, on how best these areas should be cared for. Hopefully reducing the need for any kind of intervention.

Fillings (Restorations)

The restoration of a tooth may be required due to decay or a fracture. If not too large in size this can be completed directly within the mouth with either an amalgam (silver) or composite (tooth coloured) material.

Root Treatment (Endodontics)

A treatment used to remove bacteria and other debris from within the root of a tooth. Often associated with a tooth abscess, a root treatment can preserve a tooth and allow for the restoration of the functional part above the gum.

Tooth Whitening

Until recently to change the colour of teeth required the preparation of a crown or veneer. Now, with a well-tested technique it is possible to whiten teeth without placing restorations. By applying a gel solution for various periods of time, most often overnight, teeth can be lightened; by removing the stains and discolouration from food/drink and natural aging. Tooth whitening will not change the colour of existing restorations (crowns/fillings/veneers) and these may need to be changed for cosmetic reasons following whitening.


The ultimate aim of any visit to the practice is to reduce your need for treatment.


​We hope to achieve this by educating and empowering you so that you can maintain your own dental and oral health. The goal of a hygiene visit, in addition to removing any stubborn or hard to reach deposits, is to show you how best to clean all areas of your teeth and gums. As with most areas of health, prevention is better than cure.


These can be utilised to alter the appearance and/or position of a tooth. A small piece of porcelain is constructed on a model of the tooth/teeth and returned from the laboratory to be cemented in place. The use of veneers is often limited to the upper and lower front teeth when cosmetic changes are required.

Dentures (or Removable Bridges)

Most often used where there are several teeth missing within the mouth and other methods of replacement are not suitable. Constructed on models of the mouth and teeth, they can be made from acrylic (plastic) or metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, however, each one can help return some form and function to a mouth with missing teeth.


Missing teeth can be replaced with artificial roots made from titanium. Placed into the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth they become integrated with the bone. Following a period of healing the implant can be used to fix crowns or dentures to, often providing a more natural looking outcome and feel than bridges or dentures alone.

Children's Dentistry

All our children’s dental care is provided on a private basis to ensure a high level of care. We also accept children into our Denplan dental scheme so that they can receive all the benefits that our adults get from Denplan Essentials. By promoting prevention from an early age we hope to give children all the advantages of a healthy mouth throughout their life.