Protect Your Teeth Professionally!


One in four children will suffer a dental trauma before the age of 15, many of which occur during participation in organised sports.

Shin-pads and helmets are now widely regarded as essential sports kit and we feel it’s time a well fitted gum shield was considered essential too.

A professionally fitted gum shield can reduce the severity of injuries to lips, teeth, cheeks and the tongue. Studies also show it can help prevent concussion and reduce the incidence of jaw fracture.

The exact origins of the mouth guard are unclear but most evidence indicates that the concept of a mouth guard was initiated in the sport of boxing. Originally, boxers fashioned rudimentary mouth guards out of cotton, tape, sponge or small pieces of wood. Boxers then clenched the material between their teeth. These boxers would likely have had a hard time focusing on the fight and clenching their teeth at the same time! Since these devices proved impractical dentists began to develop custom made gum shields. A few British and American dentists make claims to being the first to invent the reusable mouth guard but all began fashioning them for boxers.

Mouth guards have now become a standard in many sports including rugby, football, hockey, basketball and martial arts to name a few. In many sports their use is compulsory.

Effectiveness in prevention of dental trauma is not complete and injuries can still occur even when mouth guards are used because wearers are not always aware of the best makes or sizes. As a result, the fit can be poor which reduces the protection offered by the mouth guard. Therefore, a custom made mouth guard fitted by your dentist is the best option.

They can be made in any colour your heart desires or to fit with your team colours.

Even national flags can be reproduced on your gum shield!