How to choose a toothpaste that’s right for you


This month is Smile month, a campaign run by the Oral Health Foundation to bring to our attention the importance of oral health. This year is the fortieth year of the annual campaign. One of the 3 main messages is to remind you to brush your teeth every night and at least one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste. Therefore, to follow on from our successful “what is the best toothbrush” blog, here is some help in choosing the right toothpaste for you needs. With such an array of toothpastes on the supermarket shelves we try to clarify some of the best choices.

We have reviewed 3 major brands for this blog. If you would like free samples of any of these toothpastes we usually have some so, if we don’t give you some when you’re in, please ask.


Colgate Total

A well established product which has undergone continuous research over 20 years which affirms its safety and effectiveness. Colgate Total is recommended by more UK dentists and hygienists than any other toothpaste. This paste is clinically proven to be more effective at controlling plaque than a regular fluoride toothpaste. It contains a unique sustained release technology which helps control re-growth of bacteria for up to 12 hours and is proven to reduce bacteria and improve gum health. It also contains the recommended level of fluoride for cavity protection, which is 1450ppm fluoride.

Colgate Cavity Protection

A recent addition to the Colgate range and a significant breakthrough in fighting tooth decay. This paste provides greater cavity protection versus regular fluoride toothpaste and is the first and only toothpaste containing Sugar Acid Neutraliser Technology. Proven by 8 years of clinical research, it neutralizes plaque acids to reduce risk of decay and provides everyday cavity protection. It contains the recommended level of fluoride (1450ppm) and a children’s version is available with a mild mint taste for 3 years old and over.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

A popular toothpaste which is getting great feedback from patients, this paste provides instant relief from sensitivity when rubbed onto the sensitive tooth for 1 minute. It also provides long lasting relief and contains the recommended level of fluoride (1450ppm) so is suitable for everyday care.


Oral B ProExpert toothpastes provide a unique, clean feeling and long lasting fresh breath. They significantly reduce plaque bacteria providing all round protection for teeth and gums. These pastes contain stannous fluoride, rather than the commonly used sodium fluoride. Stannous fluoride is extremely effective at re-mineralising, or strengthening, the enamel surface of the tooth against decay, helps to reduce tooth sensitivity and is a very effective anti-bacterial. This paste is effective against several problems in the one paste and is receiving good feedback for reducing tartar on the tooth surfaces. It forms a protective barrier to help reduce stain and tartar.


More than half of adults suffer from sensitive teeth, defined as twinges or a short, sharp pain on eating or drinking hot or cold foods or drinks. This may be daily or only an occasional occurrence and sometimes the teeth may only feel sensitive whilst being cleaned and polished at the practice. Regular use of products specifically designed for sensitive teeth can effectively manage this discomfort. Sensodyne has long been the brand to recommend for sensitivity and its pastes can be used in place of a regular fluoride toothpaste. It should be noted however that Sensodyne Classic does not contain fluoride and therefore we would not advise that this product is used in place of a regular toothpaste as it will not provide protection against decay, which is the main role of toothpaste.

There are several different variations below of Sensodyne toothpastes and more information can be found on their website.

Rapid Relief – can relieve pain instantly when rubbed on to the tooth with a finger for one minute and also provides long lasting effects when used twice daily.

Repair and Protect – to relieve pain and protect from future pain

Daily Care – everyday care and protection with relief from sensitivity. This toothpaste does not contain the detergent SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). SLS can cause an adverse reaction from the gum tissues of those that are sensitive to it, so this is a good choice if you suffer from this.

Complete Protection – provides proven sensitivity relief along with all round tooth and gum care

Pronamel – designed to protect the teeth from the effects of acids in foods and drinks that can cause wear of the tooth surfaces and sensitivity by strengthening and hardening the enamel surface. More information on tooth wear is available from

Donna, your hygienist.