Dentistry in a positive TV spotlight!


Welcome to our first blog!

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Dentistry in a positive TV spotlight!

The BBC have recently had a short series entitled “The Truth about Teeth”. Did you see it? If not you can catch up on the BBC iplayer for the next 4 weeks. What did you think of it? Personally I found it to be a very positive reflection of our humble profession. Usually programmes about dentists are in the vane of bad dentistry and naughty behaviour from fraudulent “bad apples”, but these programmes showed a much more positive side of the profession. It showed how good dentistry can change peoples lives and how skilled many of our colleagues are. The resounding message from the dental phobic patients who took part and had their dental issues resolved was “should have done this sooner”!

There is a true artistic skill to dentistry and this came across with the appreciation of the patients who were filmed for the show. It also totally discredited the effectiveness of shop/online purchased tooth whitening products. So if you want to brighten your pearly whites do as we have been saying for years and come see us for a professional and long lasting result!

Moyra, practice manager