Charging Policy on Failed and Cancelled Appointments

When you reserve time with our clinicians it is important that you understand that this time is set aside just for you. Should you fail to attend, this time is lost and costs are incurred by the practice whether your treatment is completed or not.

To allow us some opportunity of re-booking the appointed time slot we request that you let us know as soon as possible that you will be unable to keep your appointment and certainly at least 24 hours notice.

In order to help our patients with their busy schedules our reception team will contact them the working day prior to their appointment by their preferred method of contact (landline, mobile or email). This will usually be the day before but may be on a Friday if your appointment is on a Monday. However, we still expect patients to take responsibility for remembering their appointments and this reminder service is a courtesy that is extended to help. Sometimes in rare circumstances due, for example, to staffing shortages we may be unable to remind you.

If you should fail to attend for your appointment we reserve the right to charge a fee. The first instance that you fail an appointment you may only receive a notification of our charging policy. However, if you were given a courtesy reminder prior to the appointment we may charge £35.00 for a short appointment (20 minutes or less) or up to 50% of the treatment fee for longer appointments. Further instances of failed appointments may incur increasingly larger fees especially if longer appointments are missed.

We hope that you understand the need to have such a policy in place but we also hope that we do not need to enforce it. Our main objective is to ensure your dental health through attendance for your required appointments.