Top Ten ways we can improve your Selfie

If you are not happy with your selfie images here are some of the ways we could help with cosmetic dentistry.   If you think that your teeth are too dark or discoloured we can lighten them by tooth whitening. This is a simple treatment carried out at home,is pain free and can produce amazing…
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One Hello, Two Goodbyes and a Welcome Back

No, this is not a review of Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant’s latest film! This posting is to update you about a few staff changes that have taken place within the practice in recent months. Don’t worry your dentist and hygienist are still the same familiar faces! Hello. A few months ago we welcomed a…
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Choosing a new toothbrush

The range of options available to shoppers these days can make it very difficult to know if you’re making the correct choice. If you are confused about which one to choose we hope this article will be helpful. So what are the main features of today’s toothbrush and which one will be best for your or your child’s…
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If in doubt, Get checked out!

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness month. Mouth cancer is one of the UK’s fastest increasing cancers, with cases up by around 40% in the last decade. Many people have never heard of mouth cancer, yet it kills around 1700 people in the UK every year. It has a higher proportion of deaths per number of cases…
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Quit for Stoptober?

We know that a lot of you who are smokers are thinking about giving up, particularly as this month has been Stoptober. If you have given up this month, well done and keep it up!! But why does the practice have an interest in providing smoking advice? It is part of the job of every…
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