Feeding your children a healthy diet?

What is recognised to be good for your body could in fact be bad for your teeth and the cause of serious problems. The act of feeding children “healthy” foods and drinks such as fruit and juices could be having a negative effect on their oral health. Citrus fruits and juices in particular have the…
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4 things that could be causing your bad breath

Smelly breath can be embarrassing but getting rid of it is usually easy. While we all might have it in the morning after a big night or a few hours after a garlic-heavy meal, about one in four of us is thought to suffer from halitosis (the medical term for bad breath) on a regular…
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Tooth Wear

Decay is not the only cause of tooth destruction. Increasingly dentists are spending time restoring teeth that have lost their enamel due to erosion (damage from acid), attrition (tooth against tooth, nail biting, etc) and abrasion (e.g. vigorous tooth brushing). The increase in our average life span and the fact more teeth are being retained…
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Why you should regularly visit us

This month has been Smile Month and as it comes to a close we thought it might be worth looking at just why one of the messages the Oral Health Foundation is trying to get across in its annual campaign is to encourage regular visits to practices, at an interval recommended to you by your…
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How to choose a toothpaste that’s right for you

This month is Smile month, a campaign run by the Oral Health Foundation to bring to our attention the importance of oral health. This year is the fortieth year of the annual campaign. One of the 3 main messages is to remind you to brush your teeth every night and at least one other time…
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