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One Hello, Two Goodbyes and a Welcome Back

By Hilton Dental / March 4, 2016 / Comments Off on One Hello, Two Goodbyes and a Welcome Back

No, this is not a review of Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant’s latest film! This posting is to update you about a few staff changes that have taken place within the practice in recent months. Don’t worry your dentist and hygienist are still the same familiar faces! Hello. A few months ago we welcomed a…

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Choosing a new toothbrush

By Hilton Dental / December 7, 2015 / Comments Off on Choosing a new toothbrush

The range of options available to shoppers these days can make it very difficult to know if you’re making the correct choice. If you are confused about which one to choose we hope this article will be helpful. So what are the main features of today’s toothbrush and which one will be best for your or your child’s…

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If in doubt, Get checked out!

By Hilton Dental / November 16, 2015 / Comments Off on If in doubt, Get checked out!

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness month. Mouth cancer is one of the UK’s fastest increasing cancers, with cases up by around 40% in the last decade. Many people have never heard of mouth cancer, yet it kills around 1700 people in the UK every year. It has a higher proportion of deaths per number of cases…

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Quit for Stoptober?

By Hilton Dental / October 26, 2015 / Comments Off on Quit for Stoptober?

We know that a lot of you who are smokers are thinking about giving up, particularly as this month has been Stoptober. If you have given up this month, well done and keep it up!! But why does the practice have an interest in providing smoking advice? It is part of the job of every…

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The surprising power of your smile

By Hilton Dental / October 14, 2015 / Comments Off on The surprising power of your smile

They are one of our most powerful facial expressions and both giving and receiving one feels good. In fact, the act of smiling, which humans do so naturally and instinctively from babyhood onwards, is a gift that science is only just beginning to properly understand. All smiles are not the same Not all smiles are…

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Is it possible to reverse tooth decay?

By Hilton Dental / September 12, 2015 / Comments Off on Is it possible to reverse tooth decay?

What is tooth decay? Decay occurs when acid created by the interaction of everyday sugars and bacteria eats into the enamel and dentine of the tooth. When left untreated, the acid results in a painful hole, or cavity, which is what sends most of us running to the dentist for a filling, root canal –…

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Mouth Piercings and your dental health

By Hilton Dental / August 21, 2015 / Comments Off on Mouth Piercings and your dental health

How many of you have tongue or lip piercings, or know someone with one? There are many issues that can arise from these types of piercings, so let’s start at the beginning. Much like anywhere else on the body a new piercing in the oral cavity is effectively an open wound, making it prone to…

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Sugar and children’s dental health

By Hilton Dental / August 6, 2015 /

The British Dental Association (BDA) has been campaigning for public health legislation that helps to limit the amount of sugary food and drink children consume in the UK. They support the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges report (2013), which recognises that current strategies are failing to improve the diet and health of children and that…

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More to your hygiene visit than you realised

By Hilton Dental / July 14, 2015 / Comments Off on More to your hygiene visit than you realised

For around a decade now research has investigated the relationship between gum disease (periodontal disease) and general health. There is strong evidence for relationships between gum disease and heart disease and diabetes. Poor gum health increase risk of future heart disease and affects blood sugar levels. It has recently been shown that improving gum health…

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Dentistry in a positive TV spotlight!

By Hilton Dental / June 14, 2015 /

Welcome to our first blog! In these regular blogs we hope to keep you informed about developments at our practice and more generally in dentistry as a whole. Please feel free to join in with the conversation on our Facebook page. Let us know what you think about what we are doing, how we do…

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