Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Dental anxiety is one of the most common phobias in the world with nearly a third of all adults disliking the dentist and 1 in 10 of us having a phobia so strong that we actually avoid making visits to the dentist. What Causes Dental Phobia and Anxiety? There are many reasons why…
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What to do if you require dental assistance out of surgery hours

Recently the practice carried out a patient satisfaction survey. Overall the feedback has been very positive and everyone seems to be very happy with the service they are receiving from the practice. We are so glad about this as we do try hard to meet your expectations! One issue that did come up, however, was…
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Celebrating 10 years of BDA Good Practice Membership

  We are delighted to announce that Hilton Dental Practice has now been awarded BDA Good Practice membership for the 10th consecutive year. The BDA Good Practice is a framework for continuous improvement. By becoming members, practices demonstrate a visible commitment to quality through good team working, efficient practice systems and an improved patient experience.…
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Feeding your children a healthy diet?

What is recognised to be good for your body could in fact be bad for your teeth and the cause of serious problems. The act of feeding children “healthy” foods and drinks such as fruit and juices could be having a negative effect on their oral health. Citrus fruits and juices in particular have the…
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4 things that could be causing your bad breath

Smelly breath can be embarrassing but getting rid of it is usually easy. While we all might have it in the morning after a big night or a few hours after a garlic-heavy meal, about one in four of us is thought to suffer from halitosis (the medical term for bad breath) on a regular…
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